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CEVT Graduation-12-2012CEVT Class Graduation- December 28-2012

CEVT Class Graduation-12-2012Forty four CEV technicians graduated on December 28, 2012

CEVT Team 1

CEVT Class- Track 1-November 15, 2012

Certified Electric Vehicle Technicians & Balqon Electric Truck

CEVT students visit Balqon Corporation, a manufacturer of advanced electric trucks.

LTran-5 EVLloyd Tran and 5 electric vehicles converted and built at the Institute: 3 Porsjhe 944. Jaguar XJS and AmpTran electric sport car

Electric Jaguar- Lithium Ion BatJaguar tery PackElectric Jaguar- Lithium Ion battery pack





Workforce Training Initiatives at US Green Vehicle Council

US Green Vehicle Council has formed strategic alliance with leading training organizations in the clean tech industry such as the Clean Tech Institute to equip business executives, professional managers and dislocated workers to enter into emerging industries.

The Clean Tech Workforce Training Program has been developed to assist:

* Business executives and professionals: to re-engineer their company’s product development, manufacturing process and expand market share.

* Scientists or engineers: to become an expert and a trainer in advanced solar thin film, nanotech batteries.

* Apprentices: qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for the Apprentice Program with paid on-the-job training.

* Displaced workers with a background in technology: to get new skills for a career in a high growth industry.

These high tech professional development training workshops are taught by our faculty consisting of instructors who are subject experts from the academic and industry partners.

To contact us, please complete the online form or email to info@usgvc.com

Electric Vehicle Technicians Training


The CEVT certificate program has been designed to train a new generation of electric vehicle specialists to work in electric vehicle production, repair and maintenance. The 16 week training program covers a comprehensive topics through lectures and hands-on workshops in advanced electric car theory and practice.

For more information, please visit the website of Cleantech Institute.

TOPICS include: (over 16 week training)

Introduction to Advanced Vehicle Technologies

Development of Electric Vehicles

High Voltage Electrical Safety

High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems

Hybrid engines

AC Induction Electrical Machines

Permanent Magnet Electrical Machines

Power Inverter Systems

Electric Circuit systems

Electric Propulsion Sensing Systems

DC-DC Converter Systems

Transaxles, Gears and Cooling Systems

Energy Management Hardware Systems

Battery Construction and Technologies

Latest Development in Battery Technologies

Nickel-Metal Hydride Technologies

Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Management Systems

Hybrid Vehicle Regenerative Braking Systems

Electric Car and Hybrid Climate Control Systems

Computer Aided Design (SolidWorks software)

Design and Making an Adapter for an Electric Motor (workshop)

Design and Making a Fiber-Glass Battery Box (workshop)

Conversion of a Internal Combustion Car into a 100% Electric Car (workshop)

Basic Electric Car Maintenance




The Clean Tech Institute is the first Approved and Eligible Training Provider for the Certified Electric Vehicle Technician training program in the State of California. Tuitions for this program are funded by the US Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Act, WIA and/or California Energy Commission.

For more information, please contact your Case Manager at a One Stop Center in California or the Training Counselor at the Clean Tech Institute at 800-567-8184.


To contact us, please complete the online form or email to info@usgvc.com

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